Katalin Szentgyörgyi

Psychosocial Counselor

Kind Soul Counseling





Counseling can be beneficial for persons who wish to understand their own behavior, character and values better and also for those who would like to improve the quality of their lives and relationshipsCounseling is a collaborative effort between client and counselor. Counselors promote optimal wellbeing and facilitate change in the client's behavior and thinking. Goals of counseling include strengthening self-esteem, improving communication and coping skills, help processing emotions and aiming to achieve the self-at-best state. 

My counseling approach is integrative, making use of many different theories and applications from the field of psychosocial counseling. Focusing on the client's resilience potential and innate capacity for healing is central to my practice. The mind and body connection plays an important role too in the work I perform. I help clients move from fixation to flow allowing the true self to emerge and thrive.